Políg. Industrial El Oliveral II, Calle K, 8
46190 Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia)
Telephone: +34 961 666 171
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Helados Bertal

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In this type we englobe the different chocolate flavours, it is a successful classic, extending our flavours range by chocolates flavours.

WHITE CHOCOLATE, DARK CHOCOLATE, SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE, BOMBON ROCHER, CHOCOLATE WITH RASPBERRY, AND A LONG etc, that turns cacao into one of the principal raw material of our obrador.

Also we have to emphasize, between classics, vanilla flavor and all its varieties, as meringue milk, so typical in Valencia city.

Nuts ice creams, like hazelnut ice cream, Cream with walnut, Almond or Nougat, are classic that we have to mention too.

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Our own distribution assures a perfect cold chain. Balls are ready to emplate. Minimum order 10 litres.

0.5 L

0.5 L

2.5 L

2.5 L

5 L

5 L