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46190 Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia)
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Helados Bertal

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Is dedicated this variety of ice cream to our dears Chefs and Customers followers of experience and surprise at their palate.

These ice creams are ideal to accompany cool meats, salads, creeps and all you can think.

In this range it is noteworthy the cheese family, may find goat cheese ice cream, fresh cheese with raspberries, Mascarpone or Ideazabal cheese.

Special mentions deserve the oil ice cream, celery ice cream, saffron ice cream, and tomato ice cream, ideals to accompany salads or to season dishes.

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Our own distribution assures a perfect cold chain. Balls are ready to emplate. Minimum order 10 litres.

0.5 L

0.5 L

2.5 L

2.5 L

5 L

5 L